Important Advantages

Interventional Radiology offers patients many advantages over traditional treatment for many diseases, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular disease. By using these minimally invasive techniques, physicians are able to avoid the risks associated with surgery, which reduces the morbidity and mortality of many diseases.

The physicians at Radiology Consultants of Tulsa bring additional important advantages to their patients.

  • Superior Training and Experience

  • The physicians of the RCT Interventional team all have world-class training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular disease, which has translated to the highest quality of care with exceptional results.
  • Safety

  • The physicians of the RCT Interventional team all have a complication rate well below national standards. In addition, the radiation dose delivered by digital angiography equipment is 30-60 times lower than that delivered when imaging the same site in most cath labs. RCT radiologists perform procedures using the lowest dose of radiation reasonably possible.
  • Accountability

  • RCT physicians perform a complete diagnostic exam prior to any intervention to help assess the appropriateness and need for any procedure, in keeping with The American Heart Association recommendations and standards of care.

    We consult our referring physicians prior to every intervention to discuss the angiographic findings, the indications for treatment and the other therapeutic options available.

    Additionally, a permanent record of our work is available for a physician to review at any time in the film library at Saint Francis Hospital.

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • We can perform the diagnostic and interventional portions of the exam in one setting, avoiding any unnecessary second procedure or additional hospitalization.
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