CT of a normal brain.

Focal area of injury
indicative of a recent

Arrows point out
hemorrhage in the
left brain.

What  to Expect During a CT of the Brain

Although the exact procedure you will follow may be different than the information provided here, this is a general description of the exam.

A CT technologist will position you on the exam table and place your head in a specially designed holder that is fitted with velcro straps. This helps you hold your head still during the exam and should not cause any discomfort.

The exam table then moves into position and your exam begins. During the scan, you will hear a "whirring" sound as the x-ray tube rotates around you. You will also feel the exam table move in small increments as the pictures are taken.

Usually two sets of pictures are done. After the first set, the CT technologist may need to inject an iodine contrast agent into a vein on the arm or hand. If this is necessary, the procedure will be explained to you in more detail.

Typically, the CT examination  takes 10 to 20 minutes to perform.

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